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The Warrior GloTape product line is the most cost-effective and dependable way to combat friendly fire casualties.

Protects lives - Warrior GloTape combat ID markers glow brightly when viewed through military night vision goggles. Preserves stealth - Warrior GloTape markers do not emit or reflect visible light. Most markers are matte black.

Employed by both NATO and the US Army, Warrior GloTape markers have shown to work in all conditions while effectively reducing battlefield friendly fire casualties. CONTINUE >

Technology - What is GloTape?
Learn how the most tested IR markers in the industry maximize friendly ID potential and minimize exposure to the enemy. GO >
Versatility - More uses, greater effect.
IR reflective vehicle markings help ID friendly vehicles in covert operations. With dozens of applications, Warrior GloTape secures the safety of troops and property. GO >