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Vehicle Markers

Infrared Vehicle Marker


HMV with GloTape Markers

Inverted V - Infrared Vehicle Marker

Simple and cost effective, Warrior GloTape markers make it easier to identify friendly vehicles at long distances. The markers display a unique, covert signature that can only be seen with laser illumination and night vision equipment. Unlike electric devices, Vehicle markerWarrior GloTape markers never break or lose power. Effective at maximum ranges, a properly marked vehicle reduces friendly-fire incidents and increases survivability.

  • Easily and permanently attaches to vehicle side.
  • Only visible through illuminating night vision gear.
  • Approved by the Joint Combat Identification Marking System


  • Part# CIDV-12
  • 12" on longest side
  • Two complete V's per package
  • Permanent peel-and-stick adhesive backing



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