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Warriot GloTape Technology

Durable and requires no power - yet effective at over 800 feet.

Warrior GloTape relies on the simple principle that selected light wavelengths can be either reflected or absorbed. This simple principle, translated into Warrior GloTape, is becoming the standard equipment for the future warrior.

Warrior GloTape absorbs most visible lightOPERATION
In the same way that coatings on modern combat fighter jets are tuned to absorb radar wavelengths, Warrior Glo Tape uses a specially-formulated coating to catch select visible light bands and only reflect IR wavelengths. While it is true that some visible light is reflected back from the surface, reflection in low-light conditions is considered to be almost zero. The reflected IR light amount is substantial, and coupled with military night vision IR systems creates a beacon of light which marks a friendly unit to team members.

Reflected high-frequency light (IR) can come from ambient light, illuminated ENVIS gear, or lasers. Targeted lasers provide the greatest infrared return while viewed through ENVIS equipment.

WGT layered constructionProducts made from the Warrior GloTape materials are durable and easy to care for. Much of this is owed to the technology behind the patch and construction techniques.

3M reflective material provides the basic reflective qualities for Warrior GloTape. Familiar in construction and highway use, the 3M layer is pliant and extremely durable. A masking is applied to the surface of the 3M material, effectively turning the layer black and non reflective to all but infrared light.

Warrior GloTape technology is extremely application flexible. Currently it is being used to protect soldiers with patches, arm bands, and helmet schims.

The same protection is offered to heavy and light vehicles in the form of side markers.


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