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Features and Specifications


  • Will not reveal unit location to combatants - To the naked eye, Warrior GloTape looks like black duct tape. Yet with military ENVIS equipment, it provides a stealth method for teams to identify specific units.
  • Limited field of IR reflection - Infrared light is only reflected back to the viewer in a 5 degree cone from center. Only those meant to identify troops or vehicles will be able to do so.
  • Long-range effectiveness - When illuminated with military ENVIS equipment, Warrior GloTape markers are visible at up to 800 meters. Military teams are given enough time to identify and react to ground movement.


  • Nothing to break - Warrior GloTape is not powered internally, has no light-emitting elements and needs no batteries.
  • Cost effective - Troops and vehicles can be outfitted and thus protected with smaller cost per unit as compared to other identification systems.
  • Long life-span - Patches and labels have a seven-year weather exposure life.


  • Exclusive distribution - Warrior GloTape products are only supplied to approved military and civil organizations.
  • Full range of uses - Protects both individual troops and vehicles in combat situations.
  • Added personalization - Custom unit markings can be created for approved military and civil organizations.

For more information on specific Warrior GloTape products, please review the product line pages.

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